Thursday, August 7, 2014

Updated Portfolio, summary, demo reel

Optimus Prime is my inspiration.  His leadership and compassion are traits I find undeniably human, even if he is a big metal robot.  Optimus Prime’s parental, responsible role is a great contrast to Bumblebee’s slightly more fun, and slightly reckless kind of caring, the kind of caring we seek from best friends instead of parents.  On top of the character attributes, their animation was awe-inspiring.  In fact there are still times I don’t expect them to move so beautifully, like in mid-air transformations.  Industrial Light and Magic created superior, believable characters in Transformers. This animation was actually the tipping point to lead me to study animation in college, specifically, Kinetic Imaging.  Kinetic Imaging is a BFA program that allows students to work in digital media, with various focuses such as sound, video, and animation.

Of course, there were several other movies, animations, performances, and even video games that were essential to the road of a career in Special Effects.  The visual effects industry is a place where I belong.  I have worked in productions in the U.K. and in America, I work on both sides of the camera, pre-production, post-production, almost everything you could imagine. I have even done one man shows, and worked for free just to get a taste of how the industry works. 

I have a playful nature.  I am slightly nerdy, and my friends all make jokes about going to museums with me; they say I am like a child and I get absorbed into interactive exhibits, they have to make sure not to leave me behind! I can’t help it; I love figuring out how things work.  This makes me great at problem solving and innovating.

Check out some recent time-based works:

Relevant Skills and Coursework
Software skills: Adobe Flash, Autodesk Maya, Final Cut Pro, Adobe Photoshop
Artistic endeavors: 3D modeling, Storyboard art, hand-drawn animation, cel animation, Logo design, Video editing, Sound editing, Dance, Video Production, Camera, Lights, Stage costumes


Work Experience

YMCA, Downtown Richmond, Media assistant                                                     Sept. 2013 – May 2014

·       Filmed commercials, internal communications videos, ‘Y-stories’
·       Edit footage into short movies, title sequences


Seashore Trolley Museum, Assistant Manager, Office Assistant, Store Clerk           May 2009-August 2012

·     Forged and maintained relationships with customers of all ages
·     Trained other employees on the Point of Sale System (For cashing out, opening, closing, ordering, and entering inventory)
·     Multi-tasked in cleaning and organizing store, inventory, and welcome center, while serving customers and answering phones


The Jefferson Hotel, TJ’s Restaurant, Hostess                                                                                 Oct. 2011-June 2012

·     Communicated and created reservations via phone, email, and face to face
·     Multi-tasked in strategically organizing customers in the dining room, coordinated with kitchen, set and cleared tables


Arundel Barn Playhouse, Box Office Representative                                 July 2009-August 2012

·     Greeted customers in a friendly and professional manner
·     Processed ticket and payment transactions

Undergraduate Teaching Assistant with Doctor Murray                                        Sept. 2011- May 2012
·     Bridged the communication gap between first year students and the Professor
·     Organized and facilitated classroom activities


Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA), Kinetic Imaging                                              GPA: 3.6

Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, VA       

Minors in Mass Communications, General Business, Dean’s list     

University of Dundee, Scotland, UK  (non-degree seeking)

Time Based Art, Art Philosophy, and Advertising and Branding

Dr. Jeffery Murray                                                                      
            Professor at Virginia Commonwealth University, for whom I was a teaching assistant

Phil Morse                                                                                                                                                           (207)985.9723
            Former Manager
Ryan Perlowin                                                                                                                                                           (516)330.9844
                 Youth DIgital Supervisor (current employer)

Screenshot- Fishing Tales 

Screenshot- Transitions 

Still Image from Quirks Animation

Storyboard still

One page of a storyboard 

One page of a storyboard 

Stills of charcoal concept drawings

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