Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Princess Xela - a creative platform for social CATsire


The internet can't get enough of them.  There are always new cats to watch and cat memes available for entertainment.


My roommate has cats.  They both have "personalities," as my roommate calls it, I call it attitude.   Cats don't have any desire other than their natural instincts.  They don't enjoy TV shows, they don't dance or make anything. 

Cats 'doing something useful' on Google
  Cats, like most animals, live only on instinct to hunt -- independently.  Traditionally cats aren't pack animals, so when they are crammed into group setting, issues arise.  This is where I believe the most attitude shows itself.

bitch fights, basically.

Xela is a typical lazy, grey tabby house cat.  She was rescued from some beautiful yard in Northern Virginia.  She has a 'sister' who was also rescued, but from near our current house in Richmond.  

Xela's attitude is one of a spoiled, entitled princess.  
She lays around the house all day, sleeps, as most cats do.  But Xela also likes to climb on countertops in order to look you in the eye when she stares you down to give her food.  If that doesn't work, she'll jump on the table to eat yours.  Yes, she apparently doesn't care to eat raw foods, but she wants your cooked chicken as soon as you step into the kitchen. Even in the mornings, when I go to make coffee, she sits directly in front of the coffee machine, demanding my service.  

Xela has done some strange things, but for the most part she is a normal indoor cat, trapped, yearning for escape, but ultimately she is too lazy and fat to survive on her own anymore. 
In any case, people are intriqued by cats, as evident in the web. Xela made her own micro-blog so she could offer more entertainment to the millions of cat lovers on the internet. 

In all seriousness, I helped her make this twitter.  She doesn't have access to her own computer, so I help her use mine.  She tracks her daily life, needs, wants, and incompetencies.  She's funny and meme-able. Check her out here.

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