Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Internet and Fitness

 I wanted to investigate how internet had affected the fitness industry.  I chose to research three different personal trainers' practices and their thoughts on social media or the internet's effect on their profession.  I interviewed one part-time one-on-one trainer based in California, who is active on social media and uses that platform as a Reebok Brand Ambassador.  I researched another trainer focused in group fitness out of Equinox gym, in California, who is famous from youtube.  I also interviewed a personal trainer at the YMCA gym, in downtown Richmond.  While he doesn't personally use social media for his work, as a team the YMCA has a large presence in the national and local communities.

For further research, I would like to interview the trainer Shaun T, who doesn't offer his programs for free online; but the programs, like Insanity, are easy to find on pirated websites.  I think he would bring a new perspective, as a group trainer and one who charges for his work.  I would also like to speak with someone from a gym that is not the YMCA, for example a Planet Fitness.  I think this may end up showing a new angle on brick and mortar gyms. 
There are three parts to my research, in video-blog format which I thought was relevant to a project investigating digital spaces.

This is the conclusion after my research.  It seems that the fitness profession is still in a transitional period with the internet.  Like the music and movie industry, the role of the internet changed the practice and economics of the fitness industry.  But perhaps, new media can end up being used as an advantage to fitness professionals.  Physical brick and mortar gyms are essential to fitness.  They even help digital trainers reach out to their crowds, meet people, and serve as a healthy place to workout. These buildings and organizations aren’t going anywhere.  Social media has changed fitness. It has made trainers more accessible, it has helped many lives transform and get healthier.  While it has some downfalls, fitness can still developed an online presence.  Internet is complimenting the brick and mortar gym business, not destroying it.

Special Thank You to Magen, Cassey, and Josh for helping me out with this project! 

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