Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Back in 2011.....

In response to what happened to my external back-up hard drive, I decided I need to re-back everything up because I can't bear to loose it again. I got extremely lucky, and DJCAD kept copies of my entry portfolio, which had a lot of the missing work!  So, I wanted to post here as a tribute and a reflection.  The next few pieces are from my second semester in AFO, the foundation year of VCU arts school- at the time this semester I was enrolled in Space Research- where we made multiple sculptures, and Drawing.  

The close ups.
Back in 2011, during my freshman year, I made this self-portrait sculpture.  I still think this is very fitting!! This was in my space research class. It turned out to be very fun to make these! Paper mache, Gesso, scrap wood and screws, and paint.
Graphite-photo collage sculpture, then drawn.  femininity and womanhood.

Garin. A charcoal portrait from one of the first weeks working with life models.

Last Night, a contour ink drawing.

 Well I think my charcoal work got better, but I could never do this good of a contour again! These were from my Freshamn year Drawing class with Ryan Lauterio.  Definitely one of the hardest clases I have ever taken but well worth it! Learned so much from him... just to prove it I will upload my last two drawings I made in that class- to show the improvement!  This one, "No More Games" Is expressing my love for AFO- the art foundation year... in my typical sarcastic humor.  Floor to ceiling view, much larger than life! I can't remember which came first, ths one, or "Reveal and Conceal" so I just put them both up and know they were late in the semester. 

These were my "reveal and Conceal" project in the same class.  I can easily see the growth that occurred. Can you?
Charcoal, Detail 1

Charcoal, Detail 2
Reveal and Conceal, Charcoal.  each about 48 inches by 56 inches. (121 CM by 142 CM)   I think?

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